Employee Case Study: Cherie Walters

Telecom employees who make school donations through payroll giving receive a two-fold benefit – they receive the immediate tax credit and their school receives double the donation through Telecom’s payroll giving matching programme.

When Cherie Walters, Client Liaison at Gen-i, explained the doubling effect of her donations made through payroll giving to Whenuapai School, her local principal couldn’t believe how good it sounded, “He said to me, 'Wow! That's amazing!'

"It's obvious, isn't it? I've got two children at the school and I'm paying two lots of donations – and the school is getting four lots," Cherie says. "I also have a preschooler that will be attending the school in few years. The donations I make now will benefit her future and I'm pretty proud of that."

The other benefit for Cherie is the ease of use. "The tax part of it is already credited back. It’s so easy."

Cherie is keen for all her Telecom colleagues to get onboard and help their own kids’ schools benefit.

"It's only going to benefit them and their school – and make them look good," she says.

"My school was rapt."

How payroll giving works for Cherie
Kids at Whenuapai School: 2
Total annual donation requested by school: $440
Cherie pays: $440 from her pre-tax income in a once-off donation
Cherie notices: only $294 missing from her pay
Whenuapai School gets: Cherie’s donation + Telecom’s donation = $880 per annum