MSD: Early Adopter of Payroll Giving

Nadine Kilmister is one of more than 200 staff who have donated a total of more than $1 million since MSD brought in payroll giving in April 2010.

"I decided to do payroll giving because I wanted to be able to give to a multitude of organisations including my school, church, Barnardos, World Vision and other places I support in a really easy way," says Nadine, who is the General Manager of Communications at National Office.

It's been set and forget, she says.

"I do it every fortnight. My payments go out and I don’t even see it. I get the tax back straight away. It's so simple."

"I also support the Haemophilia Association and I was really pleased to see that they were on the system here and I was able to quickly make my donation to them, which I do a couple of times a year. Brilliant."

One-off donations for disasters like the Canterbury earthquakes were easy to make through payroll giving, which is found through Your Pay.

MSD was one of the first employers in New Zealand to offer payroll giving.

"I've actually spoken to quite a lot of people about this, particularly in relation to giving donations to your school. I’ve had so many people say to me, 'I really wish my organisation did this'. And that's people in Government, people in banks, who have said, 'I would love that because I don’t have to wait a whole year to get my tax back and it’s just so easy and convenient. I've actually had people be quite jealous that we've done this because they think it’s great. They’d love it"