Telecom: $2 million and Counting

2 million telecom

Telecom has been offering a payroll giving and matching programme to their employees since 2011 and recently celebrated reaching the $2 million dollar milestone for the programme. 

Since Telecom offers a universal programme, employees have the choice to donate to any of the 26,000 charitable organisations and schools verified by the IRD.

Megan Skiffington from Gen-I (a division of Telecom) started payroll giving to Ronald McDonald House after experiencing first-hand how the organisation can make a difference.

“Ronald McDonald house gave me a home for eight weeks while my first baby was in the neonatal ward at Wellington Hospital.  We live in the Manawatu and had to be flown to Wellington for an emergency caesarean when I was 26 weeks pregnant. My girl could not be moved back to our hospital due to infection in the Wellington unit.  We could not have afforded a motel for eight weeks, and I could not have left her, so I just don't know what I would have done without them” says Megan. 

Megan says that she likes payroll giving because the Telecom system makes it easy to give, “I just set it up once, at the amount I could afford, all done quietly with no fuss, all I have to do is smile when I remember about my donations!” she says.

Payroll Giving donations are matched by Telecom, up to a cap of $1,000 for schools (renewed in 2013 and 2014) and $1,000 for charities per employee. Over the last few years, donations have been made to Regional SPCA’s, children’s charities like Child Cancer, Cholmondeley and KidsCan along with hundreds of school donations paid. These are just a few examples of donations through the program. 

Here are a few interesting statistics about Telecom’s payroll giving program:

  • 675 schools and charities have received donations through our program;
  • $61 is the average donation for the 2014 financial year;
  • 35% of Telecom and Gen-i people have participated in payroll giving since 2011;
  • More than $2m has been donated into our community since 2011;
  • Telecom people participating in payroll giving also receive an immediate 33% tax credit on their donation.