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NZ business big on in-kind goods and services

01 February, 2016
New Zealand businesses are big on donations of in-kind goods and services, but light on cash donations. Find out how programmes such as payroll giving can make it easy for employers to encourage charitable giving in the workplace.

Plans to change the way we give to charity

31 December, 2015
Find out how Andrew Barnes, CEO of Perpetual Guardian aims to change the way New Zealanders give to charity.

Should your business be more charitable?

14 December, 2015
A recent report on charitable giving in New Zealand found that businesses contributed just 3% of all charitable giving during 2014. Find out how your business can increase this through opportunities such as payroll giving.

Giving to charity increases happiness and can be easy

31 July, 2015
New Zealanders are amongst the most generous people in the world according to the World Giving Index report published by Charities Aid Foundation. Find out more about the benefits of giving to charity and how to go about it.

Total Value the Key for Australian Workplace Giving

26 March, 2014
Read about payroll giving in the context of a variety of workplace giving initiatives gaining traction in Australia.